My Master in all his glory

My Master in all his glory

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 6

Today I thought about the thrill of being allowed to serve my Master in his mansion.  All I did in this dream was simply serve my Master drinks and feed him.  During the course of the day I cleaned his mansion and washed his clothes for him.  After spending the day cleaning for this God I was allowed the privelage of massaging my Master's back to relieve all the stress he had from the day.  I did all of these things with pride because it is an honor to serve this magnificent human being.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 5

Today I had a fantasy about having my master sitting his bare ass down on my face.  In this fantasy I believed this was just a routine service and I began licking his crack and rubbing his dick like a normal duty for his slaves.  It didn't take to long to realize this was different as the weight became incredibly heavy and all of a sudden I couldn't breathe.  Master began laughing as my body began convulsing as I struggled to draw breath.  He then ordered me to lay still while this continued.  I did exactly as I was ordered and layed there unable to breath.  I heard my master say fuck you right before drawing my last breath.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 4

Last night I had a dream that my life came to an end with me beneath my master's feet.  In my dream my master stood with one foot on my face and the other on my throat.  While the foot on my face was an outstanding feeling.  Master's feet ar gorgeous and having my face crushed beneath them is an honor, especially if my master has been working out.  The other foot being on my throat was choking the life out of me.  In this dream my master would choke me for a while then ease up a moment making me think he was messing with me multiple times before finally stepping down on my throat as hard as he possibly could. This continued until I couldn't breath anymore and began convulsing and finally died.  In my dream I was able to look down on the scene as my master calmly stepped down flicked me off and began to piss on my body just for the hell of it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 3

     Last night I dreamed that my master sat his bare jock ass down on my face.  While sitting on my face he watched his favorite television programs.  While this was going on I was allowed the privelage of licking my master's ass crack for what seemed to be an eternity and reach around and rub his gorgeous dick.  This dream was awesome as I was able feel the elation from the scent of my master's ass as well as the taste.  In my dream my master sat and laughed at the predicament I was in, even going as far as to fart on my face multiple time.  When he was done watching tv he passed a bit more gas and was pleased with the way I treated his dick.  By the time he finished his dick was as erect as possible and he turned around and sat on my upper chest and made me continue rubbing his dick until he exploded all over my face.  This master is the real legit God.  Everyone must begin to worship him.  We talked today and he flat out said he wants me to drink his piss and eat his shit.  I will do all this and more to make him happy with my service.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 2

Today I thought that my Master walked up to me and punched right in the gut and then flung to the ground.  Then walked over raised his foot over my face and laughed before stomping down on my face 10 times.  After the tenth stomp he stepped up onto my face and just stood there for several minutes.  After this in my daydream he stepped down and spat on my face and order me to suck him off.  In my dream I did just that and thanked him for the privelage.  Then I was placed on a leash and paraded out in public at a mall.  My dream lasted for several hours as though I spent the entire day being given the honor of serving this wondrous human being.  My last thought was of being given the privelage of kissing my master's ass and then having my face used as a human footstool.  I would do anything to be guaranteed a place as masterboyfeet's real life slave in the future.  Please let this dream become a reality.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 1

     I have agreed to become a slave to masterboyfeet.  From the conversations I have had with him there is no denying he is the only true master alive.  His dominance is present in every thought I have.  He has the ultimate attitude and wants to have real life slaves living in a mansion with him.  I have offered to move to where he lives to become one of his slaves.
     Today, I have thought of nothing but serving this God.  In my mind he has stomped my body beneath his gorgeous feet.  I have shoved a pillow onto my face and imagined it was his feet.  I could actually visualize him flicking me off and feel the weight of his body as he stood on my face.  I was able to hear his voice as he said "fuck you slave".  Later I had the tremendous thought of my master sitting his bare jock ass down on my face.  In my mind I wrapped my arms around his body and began to take deep breaths as he sat on my face and laughed.  This afternoon I thought of how it will feel when my master pisses in my mouth.  This will show only his control over me.  This thought led to a dream of one day watching with the rest of his slaves as master shits into a toilet and has each of his slaves reach in and eat a piece of his shit then lick his crack clean.  These thoughts have been both humiliating and also exciting.  I want nothing else but to become one of his real life slaves and to be dominated and used by this living breathing God.  Help me make his dreams come true and join his yahoo group ,masterboyfeet, and contact him and offer to be another real life slave for this wonderous master.

Where our faces belong

Where our faces belong